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With our partner network (from the "North Cape" to Sicily and from Portugal to the "Black Sea"), we are able to systematically organize processes, to manage audiences, projects and the corresponding strategic approaches. In this manner resources, work equipment and human resources as well as the corresponding planning, design and cooperative activities under the aspects of success optimization and cost-effectiveness can be united.

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KIOTO Photovoltaics SCHWEIZ GmbH


The three elementary disciplines; civil engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering are joined together. The creation of products, as well as the product design, take place at the same time during the development of these products. The degree of freedom for the design and the possibilities for its variations, depend very much on the type of product. The competence of a designer to define the composition of a technically advanced product must primarily focus on its functionality, so that it can usually only be executed by an engineer. Likewise, a decorative vase can rarely be a field of activity, because this task is directed primarily to artists.

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KIOTO Photovoltaics SCHWEIZ GmbH


With our partners we plan and develop large power plant projects with renewable energies for investors. These include the first economic feasibility forecasts, finding a suitable location, securing the title in the country (including obtaining all necessary permits) and contracts with the utilities. A team of experienced partners and technicians develop all the necessary detailed designs. To plan each project, local requirements are taken into account to take regional climatic conditions in to consideration. These requirements always result in high-performance PV systems with the most efficient amortization and an attractive return on investment.

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